July 15, 2013


“The ultimate goal of natural farming is not simply growing crops but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”  Masanobu Fukuoka

“Only by organic farming in harmony with nature, can India sustainably provide abundant wholesome food and meet the basic need of all – to live in health, dignity and peace. “Sri Bhaskar Save

June 22, 2013
Fund a Farmer. Can you help the Tansa Valley THRIVE?
Kalyani 143
‘Saha Astitva’ – for the harmonious integration of forests, fields and people.  
lotus view
We are a new biodiverse-rich organic model research & demonstration farm. 
We operate on a restored barren land in a rural tribal area, yet we are only 2 hours north of Mumbai (70km).
We promote organic (natural & healthy) lifestyles & encourage green rural development.  
 The farm offers an aesthetic experience of the art of nature.
It brings livelihoods to local people, reducing poverty at source.
We are located in the Tansa Valley Geothermal Zone, an ecologically fragile and culturally rich area.
We offer on-farm events,  organic agricultural research & demonstration.
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