Equinox Green Futures Welcome -Connecting

In this equinox issue we show how our connections are improving.  Even connecting this issue to the equinox is an attempt to connect us to nature’s rhythms.  Did you know that from now in the northern hemisphere the day length is shorter than the night length and will continue to be for the next 6 months? On the day of the equinox both day and night are exactly 12 hours long.

Back on the farm, Rafael, from Brazil took over as farm manager.  Recently departed for China, it was a great experience, connecting to the farm and it’s staff, managing an SRI rice trial & growing monsoon vegetables.  The farm staff, local adivasi youth, (ordinarily with few opportunities for local employment) are becoming more skilled as they turn their hands to electrical installation, masonary and metal work alongside organic agriculture.  Together we created a beautiful, seemingly luxurious, eco-friendly facility.   Now we can connect to the people of the city and take our awareness work to the next level.   Our first ‘Pluck, Cook and Eat’ event was launched, with Rafael’s parents from Brazil visiting to do the cooking!

This equinox issue coincides with the Ganesh festival here in India.  Ganesh being the remover of all obstacles.  May we offer a glimmer of hope of connecting countryside to city, community to land, farm to forest, culture to culture. And this newsletter from us to you!