Newsletter Rafael and the Monsoon bring lusciousness

Over three years since we began, the vegetables yield better, indigenous rice trials continue, volunteers continue to bring energy and youth training begins

“When I arrived I expected the challenge of managing a farm with eco solutions, and working with new people. After a while I could see that despite numerous setbacks, we were achieving great work Today is the last day of my 3 month internship and I see the amazing work that we have done.

We have trialed a new (SRI) model to grow rice which preserve indigenous seeds using less soil tilling, creating more biological life in the soil and higher yields.  Before we began, the idea of the model was completely unacceptable to our tribal village workers. They planted the seeds, transplanted and weeded according to the model.  They saw from their own experience that the system is very good.  In some cases we are seeing 40 tillers from one seed. Each head of rice has 100 seeds.  That’s 4000 seeds from 1 grain!  This shows nature’s abundance without any use of chemicals or hybridisation! Today they start to accept the idea to bring more quality to their rice and land through improved methods.

And now we have added new facilities to the farm. Almost everything is made by us all working together.  We’ve all discovered many skills in ourselves. Working with new materials and learning masonary, metal work, electrical work and furniture making.  The cushions were made by a local womens self-help group through the Learning Space Foundation.

Our new facilities provide comfortable place for new programmes.  These programmes show the public organic farm and lifestyle and bringing more quality of life to those who will join us. Thanks Saha Astitva!

Volunteering and Internship opportunities…

  • Project Manager
  • Organic/permaculture farmer
  • Community forest educator
  • Farm assistant
  • Light footprint construction
  • Admin assistant
  • Farm chef and housekeeper
  • Events Manager
  • Online shop manager

From home:

  • Newsletter and mailing list
  • Fund-raiser

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