being the change

I am being the change I want to see

I left my country

When I realized my heart’s desire

Was not being met

No matter what I did


I raced bikes,

I surfed

I worked hard in the corporate world

I learnt yoga

We built our house

We loved.

Mother’s death

I left


Health poisoned

Food is not food

Medicines make us sicker

Water is poisoned

Air is poisoned

Mind corrupted

Consume to fulfill your desires

Consume now

Luxury can be yours

farm boys

Corporates richer

More poverty

More destruction

Agriculture destroys

Forests cut

Streams polluted

Plastic trash islands in the ocean

7000 square miles dead zone


Grandmother survived breast cancer in 1965

But the other 13 farmers wives


Grandfather said

In 1972

The fertilisers take the life out of the soil

They take it out

And don’t put anything back


Auntie said she was not allowed

To play near the sheep dips

Like my mother and

Her brother

And why did her father

Get Parkinsons disease?


 A new seedbank is born at Saha Astitva

In 2013

Scientists declared

Healthy soil is alive with microorganisms

Which means organic farming

The scientists tricked us

They said fossil carbon

Is the same as living tree carbon.

You can replace a tree with a tree

But you can’t replace oil with a tree

It’s not the same.

They are lying to us


Farmers and peasants of India

Stay in your villages

We will find a way to pay you

To stay out of poverty

Grow leaves

Grow trees

Because they convert carbon into oxygen

Photosynthetic biomass

Is what we humans need

We will pay you every year according to the number of trees

Without the trees, no more oxygen

Too much carbon

barn - view from the north

Already 400ppm and rising

We humans are idiots!

We are spoon-fed science

By those with a vested interest

We are spoon-fed poisoned food

By those with a vested interest

Farmers are sold chemicals

By those with a vested interest

Farm September 2012
Farm September 2012

We are spoon-fed loans and desire

By those with a vested interest

We are poisoned with spoonfuls of medicine

By those with a vested interest

In this case the vested interest is to make the corporations richer

Good business for a few, sorry about the rest

6 P1020774


My vested interest is the future of this planet

The future of this planet

Because I love life

And I think we come here to experience this amazing planet

We are born to evolve

To experiment and learn

To become conscious

And enjoy

And we don’t need to consume to do that



I know because I left the corporate world

In 2007

A strong calling pulled me to a small valley

Near Mumbai

A sacred place

With hot springs and temples

And an ancient community of tribal folks

Who can’t remember how my forefathers

Ripped their freedom from them

And made them poor


Death, alcoholism, dirt, disease, corruption, barren lands, degraded forests

Slum migration & HIV hangs in the air


We started a farm

My new husband and I

On the edge of a forest

mag's album - 13

We hired the land from them

A group of young  men

Still had some hope

They learned skills

They stayed with their families

Their village life changed

They planted some trees

No more rubbish

Less disease

Village safer

They wanted to learn

Best for the family

Best for the children

Best for the culture

Father stays with them

No more poverty

Bellies full

Strong not weak

They start to help themselves



We made a barren land fertile

We want to do more

We network with good NGOs

We inspire some people

We organize events

We study how to move forwards

We learn the techniques

To restore the life of the soil

lotus view

We built a farm

We make the relationships

To bring the forest back

We research products

That people can make

We provide links to market

We created a beautiful place

And the stirring of a new world

Where life can go on

And humans can live


This is the last month I have funding for

Two weeks and it could be over

I was supposed to make us economically sustainable

But it’s not that simple

It’s really not

Life here is tough

The culture is complex

The climate harsh

The government corrupt

The people deceptive

Always wanting more

But that’s what we have

And that’s how it has evolved

Who knows why or how

But let’s not dwell

And work with what we have


Pay your taxes

And fund more research with vested interest

More corrupt programmes

Fund a so-called NGO and who knows where your money goes

Sponsor me

I gave up my career

To follow my heart’s desire

To find the truth

And make a difference

To come and seek out solutions at the grassroots level


I live with poverty around me

And dirt and pollution

And corruption

And egos

But it’s ok for me

But not for all


Lives are changing

Nature is changing

Poverty and degradation are being shaken

Sponsor me the price of half a cup of a latte a month.

If 800 people do this every month

This will continue to support 13 families

To earn a decent wage doing a decent job to build their future

To restore the resource that is their forest and their land


I already support myself

Lucky, we built that house!

By supporting me

You support them

And make a massive difference

And keep me free

Donate now


The first 100 people will receive

a hand painted tribal art card

Everyone will receive

Regular updates and love

You can visit us any time

And come and see what you’ve helped


Sponsor me

Make a difference

Sponsor me

½ a cup of coffee a month

Tell your friends

800 people

is all we need

in 2 weeks

to change the world

Beginning with me

with help from you

Starting small

And growing tall