More on the personal journey

Their journey into discovering the truth of the products they consumed, revealed a great deal of misinformation provided by the corporations selling the products.  This was not only true for food, but also for medicines, education, health care and banking services.  To them, this popularised mode of capitalism did not appear to be evolving humanity in any shape or form.

Their meeting came next to the temple of the famous yogi, Nityananda.  By now they both had a desire to follow their hearts, live a natural life and eat organic food, which contains the highest vitality and nutrition, with the least negative impact on society and the planet.

Daniel was already settled in Ganeshpuri.   The area around Ganeshpuri was in an alarming state of decline, with low levels of farming, all using chemicals, and many poor tribal landowners were selling off their precious topsoil for use in brick manufacture.  Also evident was the economic struggle of the local tribal people, with high death rates and slum migration.   Generally knowledge of organic food was low, but it was clear that this were growing and products were available in Mumbai.

Daniel had spent years exploring the amazing forests around Ganeshpuri and Kalyani’s family had been farming for 100s of years.  Daniel met Naresh Somwanshi who had a long history working in social work.  Naresh agreed to assist in establishing the set-up of a model organic farm.  They met amazing people such as Dr Krishna Kant Shuklar, a naturapathic classical Indian musician with a pHD in physics, Nitin Orayan, founder of the Learning Space Foundation, Veteran organic farmer Bhaskar Save and Gandhian environmentalist Bharat Mansata.