and our Saha Astitva Mind Map (444kB pdf)

The Saha Astitva holistic eco-farm is a new farm in the forest, based in a fully tribal pristine valley area 80km north of Mumbai. It is located in the North Konkan coastal range, an offshoot of the Western Ghats and an area of much biodiversity & cultural heritage – an ancient area of pilgrimage and numerous hot springs including the hottest in Asia. The area is currently threatened mainly through human disturbance and rapid industrilisation.

We are creating a model eco-farm / research centre with a light footprint on the earth and providing a source of inspiration, demonstrating alternative possibilities for a sustainable future, encouraged by our supporters. We are regenerating degraded soil, replanting trees, growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and healthy grains, utilising Vedic techniques, modern technology (solar PV) and creating eco-structures. We encourage open-minded volunteers and networking in an ecological environment, and employ local people so they can get their livelihoods from sustainable practices;

We aim to do wider reforestation and create a social farming co-operative with the tribals for organic food. We are a member of MOFCA = Mumbai organic farmers and consumers association and inspired by IFOAM one-world lifetime award winner Sri Bhaskar Save.


We are supported by donors and profits from Shivaloka who offer eco-tourism and treasures from sacred India.

We see organic farming in harmony with nature offers solutions to many social, cultural and ecological challenges.

and our Saha Astitva Mind Map (444kB pdf)