Our Partners

The Saha Astitva Foundation currently works with the following private and NGO partners:


Adiv Pure Nature, founded by Rupa Trivedi, is a seven-year-old social venture based in Mumbai. Its aim is to propagate the use of natural dyes on textiles thereby creating a sustainable, green fashion supply chain.  Adiv is extending the scope of its activities through a pilot project with the marginal farmers supported by Saha Astitva.  Read more

samskara logoSAMSKARA

Last year  12 adivasi farmers grew indigenous organic rice for their own families and for sale. Samkara purchased 800 kilos of organic rice from 5 farmers and wants to continue to purchase and partner with them.  Samakara hopes to fine tune the cleaning, dehusking and vacuum packing with a little training in the future.  Their philosophy is simple…”We want to simply share with others what we like,eat and use”. Read more

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.08.11 PMVanshakti

Vanashakti core team members, Stalin, Kavita and Ahmed have been working in the Wada Region.

Vanashakti was founded with the hope of making a significant contribution to environmental conservation and to instill a sense of responsibility among citizens. This year the core team are to partner with Saha astitva which serves as a centre for organic farming training and creating a rainwater harvesting  Pond in small hamlet in Wada in the Tansa Valley.  Read more.


Viyam works with tribal youth in 27 villages of northern Western Ghats.  It trains youth to be leaders working on improving natural resources and making democracy work. Vayam provides advice and training and holds workshops at the Saha Astitva farm.  Link to Blog.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.09.59 PMBAIF

BAIF’s Mission is to create opportunities of gainful self-employment for the rural families, especially disadvantaged sections, ensuring sustainable livelihood, enriched environment, improved quality of life and good human values. This is being achieved through development research, effective use of local resources, extension of appropriate technologies and upgradation of skills and capabilities with community participation. BAIF is a non-political, secular and professionally managed organisation.

BAIF has co-hosted two workshops and one field trip on indigenous rice growing on the farm for the local co-operative.

Link to BAIF website.


ISKCON, who have developed a prestigious eco-center Govardhan, continues to work with Saha Astitva by providing all the indigenous vegetable seeds for use on the farm and by the co-operative.  Link to Govardhan website.

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The Foundation for Environment Conservation focuses on the conservation of nature, primarily biological diversity, through action based on research, education and public awareness.

FEC partners with Saha Astitva on numerous initiatives. Their team provide technical oversite to the farmers in the co-operatives.  Link to website

Bhaskar Save

Bhaskar Save’s wisdom has been foundational in the development of Saha Astitva. He is a veteran farmer with 50 years of experience of growing organically on his farm on the border of South Gujarat, just two hours north of the farm. Born on 27-1-22 (and still quite active!) Bhaskar Save has over six decades of deep, personal experience in growing a wide variety of food crops, including fruit, rice, vegetables and pulses.  Ever happy to share his wealth of insights, Bhaskar Save – acclaimed as “the Gandhi of Natural Farming” – has inspired many organic farmers all over India, particularly in Gujarat and Maharashtra.  His magnificent, 14 acre orchard farm, Kalpavruksha (in southernmost coastal Gujarat), is a veritable “food forest.”  Like a natural forest, it is a net supplier of water, energy and fertility to the eco-system of its region, rather than a net consumer!  Economically too, it fetches a manifold higher return than most modern farms – at minimal cost.  Read more.

Bharat Mansata

Bharat Mansata is an author- editor- activist and a co-founder of ‘Earthcare Books’ (Kolkata), involved in environmental and sustainability issues for over two decades. He has authored  ‘The Great Agricultural Challenge’, ‘Organic Revolution’ and The Vision of Natural Farming. Email: earthcarebooks@vsnl.com.  Link to Earthcare Books.