Analog Forestry Event

Event: 12th May 2013 Analog Forestry.   Agricultural alternatives: Siviculture for Economical and Ecological Regeneration.

The promise of abundance, health & environmental restoration…and narrowing the gap between humans and the rest of nature?


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Can Analog Forestry provide solutions for modern agricultural, ecological and social challenges in India?

We welcome the pioneers of this evolutionary system, hosted at one of India’s most impressive eco-designed conference facilities.

Near Mumbai, Sunday 12 May 2013. 9am -5:30 pm

*designed by Chitra Vishwanath (student of Laurie Baker)
Saha Astitva, in partnership with Govardhan Eco Village, are delighted and privileged to welcome esteemed guest, ecologist Professor Ranil Senanayake, pioneer of the International Analog Forestry Network and Chairman of Rainforest Rescue International.
Ranil will present at a one-day seminar on Analog Forestry held at Govardhan Eco Village in north-west Maharashtra.  See Draft Agenda.
Who Should Attend?
  • Pioneers of organic farming/agro forestry,
  • Government officials working in Social Forestry, Tribal Affairs and Agricultural policy, Sustainable Rural Development,
  • NGOs and
  • Environmentalists and
  • any business looking for organic products grown in the most ecologically and socially responsible manner…
It is especially pertinent to people with private lands that were once forests or lands in forest ESAs, buffer zones and corridors – for example those in the region of the world famous Western Ghats.
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The system of Analog Forestry suggests a forestry design approach to sustainable rural development creating ecological balance and economical regeneration offering a solution to many modern issues.
In fact it seems remarkably similar to Ancient techniques of engineering forests, as indigenous people of the Amazon designed their forests for generation of maximum soil fertility.
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Govardhan Eco Village is a revolutionary new eco-centre incorporating eco-design, eco-tourism, organic farming, plant based wastewater recycling, biogas, solar power and much, much more!  There may be the opportunity to stay at the Eco Village before the event and for a tour of the facility after the event closes.  Accommodation can also be recommended nearby.
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Saha Astitva is looking to develop an Analog Forestry demonstration near Mumbai with local Warli Adivasi farmers on tribal land on the edge of Reserve Forest in the ecologically fragile area of the Tansa Geothermal Zone.  We have an internship position available for this now.
We believe that this approach combines the ideology of a permaculture system (permanent agriculture) with the modern day reality that local people need to derive maximum economic gain from their small holdings, in addition to growing sufficient food for themselves.  Read more about the differences between Permaculture, Analog forestry and Agroforestry.
We believe that this system offers a conscious form of creating products by providing ecologically beneficial functions and providing income within a short time frame and improving year on year. It’s a win-win system and one we’re sure the Government can support through various schemes for rural development, forestry, agriculture and tribal affairs.


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