Introduction to Analog Forestry

Mumbai: Analog Forestry event May 12th 2013

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The pressure on the environment to provide for human needs continues to rise. In meeting this demand, mainstream agriculture places a huge strain on the environment and threatens its ability to continue meeting human needs.

Mainstream agriculture and plantation forestry, characterised by large monoculture plantations (single species), do not take into account their long-term impact on the environment. Intensive use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers combined with its emphasis on maximum productivity creates severe imbalances in the local ecosystem.

Sustainable alternatives to producing agricultural crops are available. They are agricultural and forestry systems that incorporate the long-term effects of their activities on the environment and illustrate that social and economic use and sustainability can go hand in hand. Well known systems include ‘bio-dynamic’ or ‘organic agriculture’, ‘agro-forestry’, ‘ecological’ or ‘alternative’ or ‘sustainable agriculture’.

Here we present a new alternative agricultural and forestry system, Analog Forestry, which provides new insights and a fresh approach.

This event will provide a background and overview of Analog Forestry. It gives a definition of Analog Forestry along with the history and its requirements. Case studies are brought forward to give practical examples of how Analog Forestry can work. Addresses and further reading material are suggested to provide the participant with means to further explore the subject.