Adopt A Cow

Cows are integral Saha Astitva’s system incorporating vedic natural farming.

We have five gorgeous cows, pure breed ‘Gur’ from Gujarat.  Pakalee is now 5 years old, followed by Gauri (4), then Chandani (3) Dassara (2) and a new born calf!

The cow dung is used along with other organic wastes to create fertiliser so farmers can grow without purchasing synthetic fertilizers. Cow dung also has the potential to be used in biogas without losing the nutritionally rich biomass! Urine from the cow is a useful natural pest inhibitor that is sometimes sprayed on crops.

As part of our longer term sustainable development plan, we’d like to develop organic milk production and planning to grow as much food organically as possible on the farm.

Choose a cow:

Pakalee (adopted):

Chandani :
Gauri (adopted):



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And a new calf (awaiting pictures) (born March 2015):


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