Larger Donations

We are currently fund-raising for Phase Three items, urgently needed before the monsoon:

All weather pathways

To move around the farm during monsoon without sinking into the clay soil.

Rs 15,000

Upgrade of Shelter

We are upgrading the shelter into a secure building for multi purpose use.  This includes adding in a stone floor, walls and reinforcing the supports. Creating year-round accommodation in the roof, adding a separate kitchen and toilet.

Rs 3 lac

Volunteer Bunk House

Simple bamboo hut with stone floors and protective screens that give secure visual privacy for basic accommodation. To sleep 6 – 12.  We already have sourced a 2nd hand adivasi house ready to go…

Rs 60,000

Classroom and Office 20ft x 40ft

We only need one…This is a facility to run workshops on nature-education of children through the highly successful Learning Space Foundation.  It is also for training farmers on year round farming techniques and for local people for training, environmental and health care.

Social service surgeries will be held for the local (largely illiterate) tribals.  The Indian government provides benefits for tribals such as Widow’s support funds and loan repayment write-off.  The surgeries will help the tribals access these benefits and help with savings account set-up.

Rs 2 lac

Main Farm Gate and fence works

Some finishing off the boundary fence, adding in a main gate and obtaining right of way access through our neighbours land.

Rs 15,000

Farm Vehicle

A second-hand pick up truck for transporting our produce and saplings locally

Rs 3 lac

Extending the programme

By April  2010 we are starting an experiment extending to 5 local farms for them to do year round organic farming on their own land.  The fee includes land rental, wages, seeds, oversight, borewell and tank.  Surplus produce from the farming will be sold and the revenue used to extend the programme to further farms.

Rs 50,000 per farm

To make a donation, please contact us.