Fund-raising Gift Scheme

Saha Christmas

Saha Astitva Gifting may be the perfect Christmas present for the eco-conscious or for an individual or business charity aim.

Gifts support Saha Astitva’s Mother Earth Eco Centre in its mission to protect the beautiful Tansa Valley and provide sustainable livelihoods for the local Adivasi people.

Choose from the list below and we will send your loved one an e-card with a picture and details of the selected projects:
Fund-raising Gift List
  🙂  Adopt a Cow

Cows are a crucial part of the ecosystem.  Our beautiful native cows provide fertiliser, milk and fuel from cowdung.

Cow food for one month Rs1000   $20   GBP10

Adopt a cow for a year.  Rs 24,000, $320,   GBP240

  🙂 Support Tribal Farmers Organic Growers Co-operative

Destruction of the rural land in the Tansa Valley has been hardest on local landholders.  With barren land and little knowledge about restoration, men often leave for the city, only to live in destitution in the slums of Mumbai. We provide resources for training and education for local tribal farmers to support their families by providing training, resources and access to markets for high value organic crops.

Support the Farmers Co-operative  Rs5000  $100  GBP100

🙂 Protection of the Area

The North Konkan (part of The Western Ghats, a World Heritage Site) is in a crucial time as industrial sprawl from Mumbai is fast approaching this ecologically and culturally important heritage area. Saha Astitva has joined hands with other NGOs in the region and together we are working to create a 2000sqkm green zone to protect the area from reckless industrialization and deforestation.

Plant a tree   Rs800   $16   GBP8

Support the Campaign  Rs1400  $30  GBP14

Preserve Cultural Heritage: Reroof the Forest Goddess Temple Rs 15,000 $300, GBP 150


Or simply make a donation… 🙂

Here is what to do:

1.  Select your gift from the list above
2.  Click this link to send your donation in INR  in £ or USD $.  Enter what it is for in the message.

If you don’t hear back from us in a timely manner please email us.

All donations are considered gifts to Saha Astitva’s global mission to be put to use where they can be most effective.

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