Community Liasion Worker

The purpose of the Community Liaison Worker is enable Saha Astitva’s vision of forest regeneration and sustainable development through tribal community integration. The Community Liaison worker will support the Community Coordinator in building community relations through empowerment and skills building, and will provide hands-on practical assistance in all administrative matters related to the development of education, training and sustainable livelihoods. S/he will work under the direct management of the Community Coordinator.


  • Support the Community Coordinator in building relationships with the local tribal community, developing community relations, ensuring their motivation and participation through empowerment and capacity/skills building.
  • Work with the Community Coordinator on a practical level to ensure effective access of the tribal community to government schemes, training, education and job opportunities, tribal matters and any other matter related to the development of education, training and sustainable livelihoods e.g.
    • Serve as a ‘sign-posting’ resource to direct people to the appropriate government services,
    • Provide hands-on practical support to securing access to services and schemes i.e. liaise with government officers, assist in filling out administrative forms and other documentation
    • Mobilise the community on specific issues


  • Fluent in Marathi and good English skills
  • Background in social/community work, or related field
  • Able to motivate and inspire
  • Good knowledge of government schemes and government administration
  • Strong communication skills, strong work ethic, highly motivated and adaptable.
  • Awareness of tribal issues and ability to connect to the tribal community


Conditions:  position available as an internship, or if suitable, as a paid position; negotiable salary, commensurate with experience.

Location: Gorad Village, near Ganeshpuri, Thane District, Maharashtra (60km from Mumbai)

Start date: As soon as possible

Contact details: Kalyani and Daniel Uppendahl at