Farm Manager

The purpose of the Farm Manager is to lead the organic farming dimension of the project, through developing and managing a model organic farm in the region and supporting related training programmes designed to create sustainable livelihoods in organic farming for the local tribal community.


  • Manage the farm through organic natural farming methods inspired by Vedic techniques, Permaculture, Bhaskar Save and Fukowoka
    • Manage all crops, rice, legumes, vegetables and herbs: planning, preparation, planting, pest control, watering, harvesting, storage and distribution.
      • Bio-inputs: Vermicompost, compost and in-situ composting
      • Pest management: identification of pests through monitoring and taking appropriate action
    • Oversee all workers on the farm, including tribal farm workers and volunteers, liaising with site supervisor on labour requirements, daily schedule, work methods, accounting and community relations
    • Manage 4 Gur cows: order dry feed, manage fodder grass production, feeding, bathing, pest management, mating and calving and keeping shed in good condition. Manage farm beehives
    • Overall farm maintenance to keep a tidy, clean and beautiful environment.
  • Strive to make the Saha Astitva farm a natural farming model in the area, documenting and sharing best practices in farm management.
  • Develop strong working relationship with tribal farm workers to involve them as much as possible in the development of the farm and to train them in organic and natural farm practices.


  • Experience
    • Some field experience or graduate level
    • Knowledge and Skills
      • Knowledge of organic farming/permaculture techniques and management
      • Problem solving and documenting farming techniques and practices.
      • Languages: English essential Marathi/Hindi a bonus (a translator will help with communications with the staff if necessary).
      • Interest and respect for tribal culture is essential, knowledge of western culture helpful
      • Very strong interpersonal skills: strong communication, motivating and positive man-management, able to maintain a harmonious environment and develop initiative of the farm staff.
      • Strong work ethic and highly motivated
      • Able to adapt and adopt a flexible, patient attitude when working in extreme and adverse conditions!
      • High standards of cleanliness and orderliness
      • Interest in natural living/ yoga and healthy diet a bonus

Conditions:  willing to live in rustic accommodation on the farm; position available as an internship, or if suitable, as a paid position; negotiable salary, commensurate with experience.

Location: Gorad Village, near Ganeshpuri, Thane District, Maharashtra (60km from Mumbai)

Start date: As soon as possible

Contact details: Kalyani and Daniel Uppendahl at