Green Rural Development

Empowerment, Co-operation, Discovery

Working together to grow a sustainable future

The farm previously employed 4 young men full time, and up to 7 others on a daily basis.  We feel the farm’s success as a demonstration was due to the empowerment and recognition of these outstanding Warli Adivasi (tribal) youth.  They were motivated to work hard on the farm, contribute to growing and maintenance decisions, while learning new skills and gaining knowledge.  Rural employment is incredibly productive for society as it reduces migration to cities and if nature-based can increase the biodiversity and productivity of under-utilised lands.

The development of the farm demonstrates the transformation of highly degraded land into fertile land growing wholesome food for own consumption and an increasing organic market.

Our green rural development programme encourages initiatives such as Analog Forestry; marginalized (ST) rural youth employment;  green village industries; value-added food processing;  farming co-operatives; eco-tourism and the economic demonstration of growing organic produce.

Demonstrating Farmer training:

Exploring collaboration for Forest Management with the Thane District Forest Department: