Partnership Terms

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1. You, the consumer, will partner with MOFCA for one growing season (3-4 months). We will begin with winter – November to January. The summer season will run from February to May and the monsoon cycle from June to September.

2. A list of vegetables that will be grown during the season will be distributed so consumers will know what to expect. Partnering consumers are requested to register 45 days before the start of the season so farmers may consider their requirements at the time of planting.

3. At the time of registering, you will be required to give a deposit of Rs. 500/-1 for the season. If you withdraw from the scheme at the end of the season, this amount is refundable (minus any expenses incurred during the season) or donatable to the continuing of the project. If you continue with the scheme, the balance will be carried over to the next season at the start of which you can put the required amount to equal Rs. 500/-

4. Each week, on a pre-determined day, your tokri will be delivered to your pre-selected pick-up point. Members are requested to collect their tokris the same day and make their payment at the time of pick-up.

5. We are currently offering two tokri sizes.  Consumers are requested to select their preferred tokri size for the entire season. Small (Total 1.5 kg / Minimum 250gm of each vegetable) Medium (Total 3 kg / Minimum 500gm of each vegetable). Tokri costs for the winter will be Rs 100/- for the small tokri and Rs 200/- for the medium tokri2.

6. Depending on availability, each tokri will have between 4 and 6 different vegetables including at least 1 leafy vegetable and between 3 and 5 other vegetables (beans, gourds, fruit vegetables, etc. / depending on size.)

7. Each week, depending upon availability, we will try to vary the vegetables included in the tokri However, as we are committed to providing the healthiest options (which necessarily imply local and seasonal) 2 or 3 may be repeated. You are requested to mention your food preference (allergies, dislikes, religious restrictions) at the time of registering.  MOFCA will try and avoid adding these vegetables in your basket.

8. In case you do not want a basket for a week or more/s during the season you are requested to inform us, a minimum of 3 days prior to the predetermined delivery date. Otherwise, you will be charged for that week’s basket.

9. In case of special, one-off requests where a larger quantity is required, the allocation will be made only after all the regular registered baskets are filled.

10. Occasionally, in addition to vegetables, farmers will have fruits and other provisions (e.g. cereals, pulses, oils, etc) for sale. Additional costs and other details will be provided as and when available.

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