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Partnering means sharing risks and rewards. Traditionally, farmers have borne the brunt of nature’s vagaries while consumers have become increasingly disconnected from the process of food production, and from the human and ecological communities that support this process. Partnering is a first step towards restoring the balance and harmony in our local food web.

As a partnering consumer, you are assured of quality organic vegetables delivered fresh every week. Without intermediaries, you benefit from reasonable, predetermined prices that are not subject to economic fluctuations or false scarcities.

By having a predetermined number of consumers to grow for, partnered farmers will be able to better plan their growing cycle. Wastages that occur from excess produce not being sold will be minimized, which in turn will reduce losses to the farmer and keep costs to the consumer under control.

Partnering also gives consumers and farmers the opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level. The farmers will know who’s eating the food they are growing; and the consumer will have some peace of mind, knowing exactly how and who is growing the food that their family is eating.

Partnering consumers will additionally have the opportunity to visit the farms where the food is grown and be re-introduced to traditional (forgotten) vegetables and different ways to prepare them.

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