MOFCA – key Features

Key Features of the Group include:

o        A need for better networking and communication between farmers / growers/ farmer groups for;

§         Information exchange,

§         Problem solving

§         Introduction of New efficient methodologies,

§         Seed exchange;

§         Joint marketing effort,

§         Certification

§         Further discussion, etc.

o        A link between organic consumers and farmers was felt necessary which will be mutually beneficial to both.

§         Consumers to better understand difficulties farmers are facing.

§         Farmers’ better understanding needs of consumers.

§         Consumers better understanding the larger impact of their demands.

§         Farmers better understanding how their products are affecting the health and well being of their consumers.

§         Joint marketing effort to make sure that supplies reach the consumers fresh, regularly. Making sure consumers get what they want when their want, and in turn the farmers have a regular steady market for their produce.

§         Jointly moving towards more sustainable agriculture, better health for the people and the planet.

§         The group is to exchange emails / sms regularly as well as meet on a regular basis to discuss pertinent issues

Individuals can join MOFCA through Googlegroups