Natural Farming Techniques and Resources

At Saha Astitva Eco Farm we are implementing natural farming techniques.  The farm serves as a demonstration inspiring local farmers and visitors alike.

Natural farming aims to bring farming into complete harmony with nature.

We learned the principles of natural farming from Veteran organic farmer, Bhaskar Save.  These are some of the fundamental principles:

There is on earth, a constant inter-play of six parables (key factors) of Nature, interacting with sunlight [(fire) and in space (ether)].

The six parables (click for more resources)

Three key elements (mahabhutas)

1. Soil (pritvi)

2. Water (jal)

3. Air (vayu)

The three orders of life:

4. Plant Kingdom (vanaspati srushti)

5. Insects and Micro-organisms (jeev shrusti)

6. Animal Kingdom of which Man is a part (prani shrusti)

These six paribals maintain a dynamic balance.  Together, they harmonise Nature’s grand symphony – mystic grace!

(extracted with permission from the Vision of Natural Farming by Bharat Mansata)