Visitor’s Gentle Footprint Guidelines

We warmly welcome you to the Saha Astitva Eco-Farm.
Out of respect to you, the community, the culture and the environment, to maintain our continued harmonious integration with all of these, we request you to adhere to the following guidelines.
  1. Appropriate clothing.  For women shoulders and knees should be covered; for men shirt’s should be worn. Barefoot is best, but pay attention to where you are stepping (thorns, insects etc.).
  2. Encouraging an attitude of self empowerment and not dependency, we ask that you to not give money or sweets to local people.  If you feel minded to give something please consult with us as we are aware of the social implications.  If you wish to give, local Trust donations are recommended.   Ex. Nityananda Trust in Ganeshpuri provides food and shelter. Give smiles and wave if it feels right when passing through the local community to and from the farm.
  3. Ahimsa. (Non-violence). We are creating a harmonious balance in nature, where every life form has its place. No use of intoxicants.
  4. Respect us, our volunteers and our adivasi workers with a sense of equality in our interactions.
  5. The area.  Walking in the local area – check for crops, and wild animals when walking in long grass, be respectful to cows and goats.  Walk gently with a smile.
  6. Consciousness.  Total awareness of your environment is recommended. Snakes and scorpions are among the amazing biodiverse creatures on the farm.  Pay attention to all the life forms and watch where you are stepping.  Keep bags closed if leaving them.  Stick to pathways where shown.
  7. Safety.  Hot sun, darkness, wild animals and insects all require respect.  Stick to designated pathways and when walking in the grass, use a stick in front of you, pay attention to movements in the grass. Picking something up or sitting down, check underneath first no creature will be alarmed if disturbed. Bring drinking water with you.  Bring a torch if there’s a chance you’ll be there at night.
Your co-operation & acceptance of these guidelines is very much appreciated for a harmonious experience.
Enjoy your time with us!