Meet the farmers

2. Govind    Daji  Labade  aged 35 (pictured right)

There are 8 members in his family including  his mother,wife, children, his brothers and their wives. He works with Sha Astitva, has done many odd jobs and worked at a brick kiln but would love to earn from working on his own land. They own just half an acre and  are dependent on the rains for the yearly supply of rice for their entire family.

Govinda is great with cows and hopes to get a cow but at the moment his land is dry and his well has dried up.

He believes that in the 10 guntha (1/4 acre) farming technique in which he can have a rainwater trough and and a multicropping of various flowers and vegetables he can produce enough to sustain his family.

After seeing many borewells and wells dry up in the neighbouring area and seeing the success of rainwater harvesting in some villages he thinks  this is the best solution.

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