Bhaskar Save


“Only by organic farming in harmony with nature, can India sustainably provide abundant wholesome food and meet the basic need of all – to live in health, dignity and peace”

A great inspiration to us is 89 year old, IFOAM ‘one world’ Lifetime Achievement’ winner 2010, Mr Bhaskar Save and his 50 year old organic farm.
His farm needs no inputs and is sustainable for the needs of his entire family. On top of this it provides a healthy income. Bhaskarbai states that small scale sustainable organic farming methods, offers every person the opportunity to live a life of health, dignity and peace.

For his main message click here.

For transcribes on Van Vadi, a 64 restored forest and farm near Karjit click here.

The Great Agricultural Challenge, an open letter to Swaminathan, transcribed by Bharat Manasata, on the state of farming in India can be downloaded here.

Bhaskar Save’s farm, located on the west coast of the Gujarat, Maharashtran border is open to the public on Saturdays between 2 and 4 pm. Phone in advance to see if he is available. te;: 0091 260 2562126.