Community Support

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The farm is providing a source of local employment and inputs are bought from the local area where available.  Our longer term aims are to provide the necessary means and encouragement for the tribal people to cultivate their land, naturally, once again and all year round.

In the near future, the project aims to provide tribal social support in the community through:

* training adivasi (tribal) farmers in year-round integrated farming techniques and providing local jobs on our model farm
* social support services for tribal people: providing access to  available benefits schemes such as loan repayment schemes, bank accounts  and widows support.

Progress April 2012

  • After three years we have four full time staff from the community and six extra we hire part time.
  • We are discussing a pilot of organic farming for Gorad village
  • Most of the villagers have been registered for the Forest Departments Social Forestry programme.  We are exploring ways to implement this.
  • The Forest Department planted 40,000 trees in the adjacent forest and gave funds to the Gram Panchayat for local improvements
  • We source most of our composting materials (goat droppings, river sand, rice straw) locally, providing a revenue stream for local people.
  • We are beginning to link the local tribal population to Government schemes that exist for their benefit
  • We are seeing the villagers improve their standard of living