Green zone

The Saha Astitva Foundation’s Mother Earth Eco Centre  is bordered on one side by Reserve Forest, one side by a bullock cart track and the other two with neighbouring tribal community.

Once we began restoring the land to a fertile farm it became apparent that the whole area was under threat by industrial development. This is due to the natural increase in industrialisation, due to the close proximity to Mumbai, which has now reached saturation in terms of development.

The whole area has important ecological and cultural heritage and it is an oversight by the authorities that the area has not been protected so far.  There is no Development Plan for the area which means industrial development goes unchecked.

As a result a number of NGOs active in the area have come together to form the Mandagni Raksha Samiti and work with the community and the authorities to encourage protection of the area. We are all clear that the only way to do this is to encourage sustainable green development where people, forests and fields can come together in a harmonious way for mutual benefits.  The Thane District Forest Department has embraced this initiative and they are now proactively identifying the boundary to create the North Konkan Biodiversity Conservation Corridor between Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Dahanu taluka.