Environmental Benefits

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The Saha Astitva Foundation is benefiting the environment through:

* creating sustainable year-round organic farming practices, in harmony with nature, through water efficient irrigation, using the largely available amount of clean ground water through the use of borewells

* planting trees on the farm and locally
* encouraging land use for sustainable practices and demonstrating best practice ourselves.


In the first four months we have:

  • created our structures (frame for barn and fene materials) from recycled steel and used minimal concrete.  These were all constructed  ‘in-situ’.
  • planted Beaugonvillia hedge to blend the fence into the landscape.
  • planted 150 trees sourced from local nurseries.
  • minimised the use of motorised transport.
  • maximised use of bamboo in structures.
  • infused the soil with vermiculture, EMs and other organic matter
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