Holistic Approach

A holistic approach in harmony with nature

In addition to the natural farming techniques, we adopt renewable energy solutions, eco-construction and encourage personal development.

Activities are carried out in partnership with the local tribal community and other NGOs.

We are replenishing the underground water during the monsoon through use of a dam and created leveled growing areas to allow the water to seep into the ground and eventually the aquifer, instead of running off the slope into the nala (seasonal river).  Our newly planted fruit and forest trees, provide further sustainable water management.

We are using solar power for all our post-monsoon energy needs.  We minimise our own environmental impacts, through use of eco friendly construction and waste management (organic wastes to compost, plastic wastes recycled) encouraging a light footprint on the soil.

Eco-construction means we adopt the following approach:

1. Utilise natural materials from the surrounding area

2. Utilise natural materials from outside

3. Utilise recycled materials

4. Create cooling in structures through utilizing designs for air flow and natural cooling

5. Integrate with nature – bringing the outside in.

6. Use of renewable energy for cooling, power and cooking needs


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