Loss of Traditional Farming methods

Crop cultivation is beyond the reach of many farmers due to switching to chemical methods and ancient practices lost. Due to debts from rising costs of agriculture there were 30,000 suicides in Maharashtra between the years 1996 to 2005.

The tribal people were traditionally self-sufficient and living in harmony with local eco-systems.

This was recognised at the Rio convention in 1972 and reaffirmed in 1992…

“According to Agenda 21, indigenous peoples and their communities have developed over many generations a holistic traditional scientific knowledge of their lands, natural resources and environment…”

The project is based in a 100% tribal community. Within a 10km radius at least 50% of the 50,000 rural population are tribal. The project is located on the Western Ghats, an area designated as one of 17 Mega biodversity areas in the world and under rapid industrial development.

More information on the tribal people (Adivasis)