Local issues

The worse environmental and social impact in our area is the many acres of brick kiln work.  This means the parents migrate to a kiln to work 8 months of the year.  If the children go along, they are pulled out of school, and may work as well and if they stay at home, the family is disrupted.

Many people in our area have no access to water suitable for resource efficient irrigation, to farm year round.


The kilns are destructive to the environment. The bricks are baked using coal, which creates black carbon and a smoggy atmosphere. The commodity for bricks is the fertile top soil of the unused agricultural land. The top soil is sold by the locals for the price of a year’s harvest. Taking away the top soil leaves vast, stripped, unfertile areas that can no longer be used for agriculture. The owner of the land will have no income from this land for years to come, providing the need for further migration.

Link to India’s environmental portal on brick kilns