Mission and Vision

Image: Bhaskar Save’s Farm in 2009.  We aspire to create such an oasis of abundance in harmony with nature.


We have a shared vision of the sustainable, economically prosperous ecological regeneration of the Tansa Valley.  The area will be restored to a thriving abundance where communities and nature co-exist in harmony and all needs are met locally. 


Our holistic mission is to promote natural, healthy organic lifestyles and green rural development.   

We do this by providing an organic eco-farm & training centre.  It promotes organic lifestyle and green rural development.  

The centre is located within a peaceful forest in a natural and culturally rich heritage area of the Tansa Valley. It offers a number of eco-friendly, open air, light-footprint facilities and demonstrates eco-friendly practices and training. 

Our Centre offers:

1.         Farm: Beautifully landscaped to blend with the natural environment and adjacent forest;  It demonstrates the restoration of a barren tribal land to a biodiverse-rich organic farm.

2.         Organic Lifestyle:  Offers programmes on healthy organic lifestyle;  From growing food organically, to making conscious food choices, to natural living, renewable energy and eco-design.

3.         Green Rural Development: Promotes green development initiatives such as Analog Forestry; marginalized (ST) rural youth employment;  green village development; value-added food processing;  farming co-operatives; eco-tourism; Economic demonstration of growing organic produce and training facility.

Programmes, research and sales of produce support the Centre in becoming economically sustainable.