Original Phases – Broader Project

  • Phase One
  • Create R&D Farm
  • Borewell with solar pump and irrigation system
    Compost, bio-fertilisers and bio-pesticides production
    Crop trials on paddy’s and in greenhouses
    Seed bank
    Employment of local workers
    Trust office and project centre
    Facility for food processing (dehydration, hulling, destoning, etc.), packing, labelling, storage
    Farming training programs for Adivasi’s
    Co-op marketing of produce together with Adivasi farmers
    Volunteer program for western people
    Teaching days for village children from partner trust Learning Space Foundation

    Phase Two

  • 1 farm is approximately 2-5 acres belonging to an extended family
  • Trust leases the land and pays salary to farmers for their labour
    Trust provides fences, bore wells, seeds, bio-fertilisers and bio-pesticides and compost
  • All produce is for Trust
  • Produce is marketed and sold by the Trust through co-op, thus paying for lease, salaries and Trust overhead
  • Trust provides ongoing oversight and teachingPhase Threee
    Increase of number of farms in program
    Implement additional programs:
    Research on rehabilitation of land stripped of top soil for brick kilns. Projects and workshops for landowners
    Reforestation projects
    Vocational training projects, e.g. carpentry, traditional handcrafts, wild crafted forest products
    Extended range of natural products for domestic and international markets
    Publication of results of our Research and Development Farm
    Work towards creation of protected 12,000 acre Government sanctioned special (agricultural) economic zone (organic and tribal)‏