Meet Aparna and Rohan



Aparna has been a friend of Saha Astitva since she visited on a farm tour three years ago.  An artist from Mumbai, she has worked with numerous tribal communities making fabric dyes from waste materials such as marigolds and onion skins.  Her family have been connected to Ganeshpuri for a long time.  She is already working on environmental policy support and incredibly passionate about medicinal plants. She will be pioneering the ayurvedic herb growing trials and community co-operatives.


Rohan Mathew with a M.B.A. (on scholarship) specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility from University of Amsterdam has been a living an example of the duality that pervades our matrix.While gaining 5 years of MNC experience, working with the likes of American Express and PricewaterhouseCoopers, he was spending his free time researching & practising holistic healing, yoga, meditation and also with ritualistic, trance dance music.  After his recent 1 year training in Permaculture in Australia, he is now equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to accelerate the metamorphosis of our beautiful planet into the paradise it truly is for the people, animals, land and Gaia herself.