Cow (and cat) power

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Those that know us, know we love our cows and cats on the farm.  Cows give us good vibes, dung, urine and one day milk and cats are all part of the biological control (well if they weren’t quite so well fed that is).

Since Christmas Dassara has grown up (now 5 months old…) He’s very, very handsome!



The girls have finally sorted themselves out in there new improved cow shed, which invariably means Gulab, the bad-tempered mother has to be tied.  And hot off the press…Pakalee the 3 year old, has come of age as of last month, coming into heat!  A 21 day cycle and bang on cue her 2nd heat has just kicked in.  She went to visit her mother’s partner at th local Hanuman temple, but found the prospect quite scary so refused any attempt at mating. Pakalee doesn’t really understand what’s going on, only that things are suddenly changing and maybe she’ll try again in 3 weeks.



It’s the time of year when the cows are looking for adoptive parents!  Adopting a cow provides them with all their cow care needs – extra (pure natural) food, maintenance and the employment of a local man to take the best care of them.  Cost is Rs 1300/month, and you subscribe for one year.  Adopt-a-cow now for cow-blessings. Read more about the divinity of the cow.


Cats continue to come and go.  Sadly, tough Bahlu was defending her latest kittens from a local dog intruder, and he got the better of her.  RIP Bhalu 😦



Bhalu Leaves behind 1 year old Pip Squeak (who has cat development disorder) and 3 month old Laxmi and Sithara, Bahlu is sadly missed.


Laxmi is definitely the leader of the pack and tried to take on a 6ft long python who was slithering through the farm one evening. The sweet natured python warned her off and she took the hint to leave well alone instead of becoming dinner for the python. Sithara continues to look a little scared (all the time…)


Back in Ganeshpuri, compassionate volunteer Durga rescued a almost dead street kitten and nursed him back to health. ‘Sinbar’ has found a play mate in strange ‘Bhoot’ (Hinid for ghost) and somehow manages to co-exist alongside William (‘King Bill’).  Sinbar is destined to move to the farm, once his testorine tendencies can be removed…