Cow pow-er

A new bull, Dessara is born…

Gulabi with her baby, Dessera. photo by Durga

Some of our farm staff attend a training at Godharvan Eco-Village run by ISKCON and receive the best cow care instructions.  We implement many of their suggestions, starting with out exterior area to their shed…

extended gaushala

We now leave the cows to roam freely, instead of tying them.  Third in-line in the heard, Gauri tries to overrule temperamental Pakalee and Gulabi.  But Gulabi is even moodier these days since she turned into over-protective mother of Dessara.  Gulabi has to be tied.

3 wise cows

During the monsoon, Chandani wasn’t looking where she was going in the long grass and accidentally stepped on a snake. Vijay and Kishor used herbal medicine to successfully treat her.  Read more in cow-story.