Welcome to Utsav

My name is Utsav and I earned by Bachelor degree in engineering from IIT Bombay.  While I was in college I was introduced to the high tech. engineering world but at the same time I volunteered to take part in some village trips. These trips took place after every semester and lasted for one week. Each village trip had a great impact on me and it helped me understand the meaning of the world sustainability. When it was time to graduate and go out into th world and contribute, I decided to work on simple problems. These problems do not require complex thinking rather they require the art of observation; observing the nature.  And with that intention in mind I am here as a volunteer with Saha Astitva.  I believe together we can contribute to the growing organic movement in India. And in time we can solve a lot of problems related to our present trend of consuming toxic and expensive food.
Utsav and sweet potatoes 2