Newsletter June Solstice 2013

Feeling largely uninspired….

disappointment in the volunteers

Dean and Guillaume

Dean did some good work in the soil building.

They all fel in love with each other; Guillaume was left out…

They lost interest in the farm

So did Daniel

we kept paying the wages

the boys walked out

we encouraged them back

Dean and Deepa went to learn the techniques of soil building and implemented them on our farm

they grew saplings using the fruit

we had an article in th amid day news

and feautred n Vogue Australia

we developed the trial for the turmeric

put it in the ground with the first rain

we tested cashew cold processing

we ran an Analog Forestry event

we hosted Ranil and Lorena

we built our raised beds for the kitchen garden

friends keep stopping by

the shepherds came to give their annual load

are we going to purchase the land?

laxman wants to develop his own farm – fence, bore well and equipment

the seed bank got full

our funding dried up

the trees were prepared to be cut

we got typhoid and malaria

we hired jyoti

we cleaned the kitchen