Animal behavior: Chandani mates with her mother’s bull friend (and other animal updates…)

Pakalee reached mating ability last quarter. This quarter we were expecting Gauri, who’s approaching 3 years old, to be the same. Volunteers and farm workers took our whole herd to meet the bull, Dessara’s father, from the Hanuman temple in the next village.

chandani meets the bull

So with oldest cow Gulab, Pakalee and Gauri all now in the mating category,  imagine everyone’s surprise when he mated with our youngest girl cow Chandani!  We thought she had another 6 months before she was ready, but apparently not…

chandani and the bull

And news on the cats: Ganeshpuri office – King William slowly accepts rescue street kitten Prince Sinbar…He’s trying to smile or is it a snarl?




sinbar and william 1




william snarl