Be the Change

“Be the Change” was one of Gandhi’s motivational sayings we were using 6 years before the farm was born and we were still in our corporate jibs in the West.


Now after Being the Change for the last 4 years, we realize we need a little help for continued sponsorship.  We’ll be launching our Be the Change – sponsor us for Phase two in the autumnal equinox issue.   We aim to reach 800 sponsors contributing #2-#10/month for 2 years.  This will take us to a target of #30,000 and give us th confidence to make phase 2 happen.  We already have #2000 in the bank. As we are baed in th community in which we work, our overheads and administration are minimal, so most of the money goes directly to the community and environment.

A reminder of phase one:
  • restored barren land to fertility
  • maximised employment opportunities mitigating slum migration and inspiring futures for young tribal men
  • created a biodiverse rich demonstration incorporating grains, fruits, nuts, bamboo, medicinal plants, vegetables
  • researched viable cash crops and value addition
  • working towards a protected green zone allowing for green development
  • hosted volunteers and city people for unique first hand experience of organic farming in harmony with th eforest and local community
  • networking alliances
Vijay, who left school at age 12 is now in his third year of rice production.  His brother-in-law Laxman,our best farm worker, has asked for help to create his own farm.  Now that’s a sign of progress, when all reports show how villagers are leaving farming and heading to the city!
Phase two
  • Recruit  Experienced local Farm Manager
  • Analog Forest demonstration
  • Ecology economics promotion
  • Educational events
  • Forest Restoration
  • Value addition
  • Tansa Valley Farmer training and Co-operative
Long term aim is to prove th organic farming movement for supply to the city and self-sufficient
Emnabling the ecological and economic restoration while protecting the sacred and ecologically fragile Tansa Valley