About Clea’s soil building course

There is growing need to grow food sustainably and organically.

However, this cannot be achieved by simply stopping the use of man made chemicals. Soils today are most often depleted unable to support healthy plant or soil life. Unsustainable practice , falling into the traditional and modern classes, is the cause.


Keeping within the framework of Permaculture ethics, of earth care (and all species within), people care, fair share and returning surplus to earth and people care, this workshop aims to give a student confidence to restore fertility to ANY soil type anywhere on earth.


Topics explored included soil formation, soil structure, how water acts in soil, how nutrients are stored in soils, the role of soil pH, the role of soil carbon, what determines nutrient availability, soil life, nutrient cycling, polluted soils, soil erosion, soil remediation and more…AND how these are interconnected. The WHY and HOW of single
dimensional techniques such as mulching, green manure, nitrogen fixing plants, living soils and composting will be dealt with in depth before we go BEYOND into three dimensional strategies and designs to generate
self renewing stable soil systems the Permaculture Way.