Daniel’s superfood green smoothie


Supergreens are super alkalinizing! An alkaline environment gives the correct conditions for ridding the body of illness.

Thanks to volunteers Iza and Andy who donated their blender after their stint at Saha Astitva.  Smoothies are now a  feature on our menus!

Not many people will have access to all of these ingredients, so do your best with what you have available.


1-2″ root of raw organic turmeric, washed and unpeeled (used dried if fresh is unavailable)

2 tbsp organic spirulina

2 tbsp organic moringa leaf powder

2 tbsp organic wheatgrass powder

1 ripe organic banana, unpeeled

1 stem of peeled fresh organic aloe vera

1 ripe sweet mango or handful of organic raisins

1/2 litre of cold water (or room temp. according to preference).

Put everything together in a blender and blend really well!  Absolutely delicious!