How to grow turmeric

turmeric picture

Aim: To develop and perfect an efficient organic growing process for haldi in the Tansa Valley


This experiment is an initiative between Maharashtran Agricultural Dept. (with expertise given by the Jowahar agricultural officer who successfully grew haldi there) and two/three sites in the Gorad/Ganeshpuri area.


Turmeric is a medium feeder that must not be water logged.  We have a client requesting us to research optimal growing technique for the production of festival colors.


This year, in order to understand the technique recommended we will follow the conventional way recommended by the Agricultural Dept and run separate test plots.


1. Stock:

Mother stock supplied by Agricultural Dept. Cost Rs 4000/ 100kg including transport


2. Plot: 1/2 of Paddy no. 2 at Saha Astitva. Approx 2 gunthas (1/20th of an acre).

Note precisely the details for each plot: what was grown in the plot before; previous soil improvements. Number of rows in each plot.

Prepare plot: till the soil.  create 3ft wide beds, 1-1.5ft high.  Layer pigeon pea stems, sun hemp and rice straw, cow dung and leaves.  Plots prepared by 1st June.

3. Planting.  Plant at 1-1.5ft distance part in zig zag pattern on beds.  Mulch after planting.

4. Crop. Take care of the plants during growing .  Note down any observations.  Do not irrigate.

5. Harvest Harvest by plot and keep yields separate.  Weigh results for each plot.  Harvest expected November.