Solar Collector

Remember Utsav from our last issue?

solar dehydrator at Saha Astitva

He committed to building the solar dehydrator and not leaving until he had finished!  This was Utsav’s first practical job since leaving IIT.  He researched different systems and worked with Daniel on the design and to assemble the unit.  A master of equanimity and thoughtfulness, he developed fantastic relations with our adivasi workers.


Getting his hands dirty, braving scorching temperatures and welding the unit himself, after 6 months it was completed.  We were all sad to see him leave, along with his new girlfriend Rebecca, who he met on the farm.  In his last few weeks he gave Vijay driving lessons in the farm jeep and taught Wasin to weld also.


The day after he left a batch of organic alphonso mangoes arrived, but unfortunately their was a bout of illness amongst the remaining staff and then the rains arrived super early before we were able to dry them.  Now we’ll have to wait until after the monsoon before we begging industrial scale dehydration.  It will be used for herbs, grasses, fruits and vegetables.