Projects – Learning Experiences


  • The potential for revival of organic farming within an adivasi community
  • Rain-fed organic turmeric growing in alkaline clay soil
  • Rain-fed organic indigenous rice growing in alkaline clay soil.
  • Resource utilization for farm revival in an area being stripped of top soil for brick-making near Mumbai
  • Creating a thriving agro-eco-system on a barren land in South India
  • Creating Mumbai’s first organic vegetable co-operative.  Lessons learned
  • Organic seed saving, what we learnt from the girls from Big Ag
  • Raw cashew nut processing
  • Understanding the importance of the inter-relationships of eco-systems in the creation of an organic farm
  • Beyond convention. The role of esoteric practices in agriculture
  • What the modern world of agriculture can learn from the Vedas
  • Cow dung as a soil inoculant for improving soil fertility
  • Companion plants that improve the eco-system
  • Cover cropping to improve soil fertility and income opportunities


  • Job stabilization and skills development leading to self-employment and employment opportunities in a marginalized community
  • An economic approach to improving water supply, building soil fertility, reducing slum migration, improving health and preventing deforestation
  • Approach to volunteering through motivational contributions and skills training
  • Organic farm creation through the utilization of the Wwoofing networking
  • Building an NGO from scratch in India – a foreigners perspective
  • A Ghandian approach to sustainability: timeless wisdom relevant today
  • Beyond illusion – the dark side of charity work
  • Foreign Volunteering – a social experiment in India
  • Potential social disturbance through non-native intervention
  • Overcoming childhood trauma and societal fatigue through volunteering
  • Financial freedom through volunteering


  • An ideological approach to building a different world
  • Living in the lap of grace – living without limits
  • Networking: A strategic approach to saving the world
  • A story of personal growth from 6 years of living in an Indian village
  • Outside the system, living with adivasis stage 1