Rain Water Harvesting to improve marginal farmer’s livelihoods

The Saha Astitva farm acts as a hub for demonstration, training and support for a local farmers co-operative.

Adivasi farmers in the Tansa Valley only get water for 3-4 months of the year sufficient for a single rice crop.

Supported by Saha Astitva and other partners, local farmers have formed a co-operative.

These farmers need to be able to farm beyond the monsoon rice crop to support their year-round livelihoods.

We have customers such as Adiv Pure Nature and Samskara ready to buy the co-operative’s crops but due to lack of water, the farmers are unable to participate.

The farmers have dry wells which could be made into rainwater catchments.  Creating sustainable nala bunding (check dams in seasonal streams) would also improve the situation.

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This year Vana Shakti’s core team Stalin, Kavita and Ahmed  are to partner with Saha Astitva to raise awareness on organic farming and create rainwater harvesting ponds with local villagers.

The following slide show shows farmers digging wells, the dry situation and a successful check dam installed next to our Eco-farm.

Meet the local farmers associated with Saha Astitva:


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