Volunteer Qualities

(Awesome) Sean Sluys (USA) takes on construction and summer heat. June 2012

In order to keep the positive spirit of Saha Astitva’s mission, first and foremost our volunteers must demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Committed and dedicated to our cause
  • Able to be a team worker, follow instructions and is hard working
  • Able to work individually and take initiative
  • Empathetic and respectful to colleagues, local culture and environment
  • Flexible attitude
  • Creative thinker and problem solver
  • Adventurous spirit and able to work under extreme conditions
  • Able to take responsibility for his/her own happiness

Saha Astitva employs local tribal villagers to work and manage on our farm. Because of this, volunteer farm work often consists of enrichment of the farm through various projects and less on a ‘everyday farm task’ basis. In respect to experience, we are generally looking for skills or interest in working in the following areas:

  • social work
  • vocational skills training
  • organic farming and development
  • administration
  • cooking
  • volunteer and guest coordination
  • rural education
  • retail
  • construction
  • renewable energy

or if you have any other skill you think will benefit us on our sustainable, spiritual ecological path, please let us know!

We also work closely with the Learning Space Foundation, a supplementary education program working on over 70 schools in the Wada taluka (administrative region)  and so volunteering posts may also be available with them or split between the two organizations.

Kalyani 180
Durga doing a guided tour of our farm during one of our events. Jan 2013