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Alternative food options

  • cheapest food – canteen subsidised meals approx Rs 25 per meal
  • variety of Indian restaurants and stalls in Ganeshpuri – ask for best/safe options
  • buy your own ingredients: cook breakfast, lunch and dinner on the farm (we sell organic produce)
  • water is provided from borewell – drink at your own discretion.  Bottled water is available in Ganeshpuri. 

Alternative Accommodation

There are a variety of guesthouses and hotels in the village.  If you are an Indian citizen you will may able to stay at the Shaligram dharmashala – Rs 200/300 for a decent room.  There are a number of budget hotels available around Rs 200/day.  Mid-end guesthouses and hotels, used to catering for foreign visitors needs, are around Rs 500 – Rs 2000 /day.


Ganeshpuri is a lively pilgrim village with numerous festivals throughout the year. The guest rooms are located next to the busy Nityananda temple.

The farm nestles at the base of Mandagni mountain on the edge of a peaceful Reserve Forest in a remote tribal area.

Bring a torch, towel, ear plugs and biodegradable soap!  We have a more comprehensive list of things to bring by volunteers in our orientation guide.

Other features and charges

  • Wifi is available in the common area in Ganeshpuri
  • Laptop is available for 1 hour per day shared between volunteers
  • Access to library of books and films (bring your own computer or DVD player)
  • Access to farm 3km walk via the river (only in the daylight hours and winter and summer seasons) or bicycle (subject to availability). If we are going via jeep – hitch a ride with us.


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