We are committed to becoming economically sustainable, and although we would love to be able to provide your accommodation and sustenance for free, it is not currently feasible, unless you are interning or, subject to mutual agreement, contributing some particular skills for a minimum of 3 months.

As part of our remit is to provide local employment for the tribal community, the average cost of providing your sustenance works out to be the cost of employing one local person for a day.  By supporting yourself in this way you are contributing even more to this project, by being cost neutral to us.


Two types of Accommodation are available:

  1. Camping on the Farm: The farm is equipped with a kitchen, toilets, and shower rooms. We provide a few tents/mosquito nets, as well as mattresses, or you can bring your own. The cost for staying on the farm is Rs.2000/month.
  2. Rented Room in Town: If you prefer staying in town you can stay at a rented room in Ganeshpuri which is about 3kms from the farm. The single room has a desk, cupboard and bathroom and costs Rs.5000/month. The shared room can accommodate up to 3 people sharing one room toilet and bathroom and costs Rs.3000/month per person. There is a shared kitchen facility for both shared and single rooms with a stove top for cooking and space to store food.

We ask that you bring your own sleeping bag and towel.


Saha Astitva is a pure vegetarian organization, so there is no consumption of fish, eggs or meat on the premises of the NGO.

We provide the breakfast ingredients of porridge oats, milk, and poha, as well as basic oil, sugar, salt, masalas, utensils etc. needed for cooking for all meals. In our small organic dry goods shop you can purchase pulses, grains and flours and according to availability, you are welcome to using organic vegetable from the farm. All other ingredients can be purchased from the local market in Ganeshpuri.

For those that wish, we can hire you a clean, sattvic lunch with us at 75 rupees and/or a simple dinner at 50 rupees. Food is also available in a canteen (approx.Rs.30 per meal) and restaurants in Ganeshpuri (approx. Rs 50 -100 per meal) for those with a spicier palate and hearty stomach!

Our Lotus pond in the morning sun