Soil enhancement


Each area is assessed for soil type.  In our case, our soil was eroded once forest land.  It has clay content that cracks in the dry season and also limestone creating an alkaline rich soil.  The main techniques for creating an environment for growing are: adding river sand to breakdown clay; adding goat gobar and biomass mainly from tor, to provide nutrition to the soil. Adding mulch to protect the micro-organisms and worms in the earth in the baking heat and to retain moisture.

In addition we use vermiculture

We add amrut pani as an inoculant to encourage the micororgansims, an essential part of healthy soil.

Recipes: Amrut pani (jal) and Amrut mitti from Nauteco City Farming Mumbai Blog.

See Urban Leaves, Mumbai City Farming Initiative

Promoting plant health and a living soil in organic, natural, sustainable agriculture, papers from the South Asia Conference on “Outstanding Organic Agriculture Techniques” organised by theOrganic Farming Association of India (OFAI) at Bangalore (2009)