Vegetable growing

Organic vegetable growing is an intensive labor of love.  Building soil using natural methods ensures the strongest, safest plants.  The quality of the soil is one of the fundamental aspects of natural farming, using vermicompost, animal manures, green manuring & cover cropping to enhance the soil.  For organic farming the soil must be alive!  Teaming with beneficial micro-organism that becomes the foundation of biological control.  Pests are minimized and when they do come we use natural teas based on local herbs to help control, as well as balancing the eco-system with other plants and animals.

Saha Astitva was one of the founding members of MOFCA – a partnership approach organic veg box scheme for supply to Mumbai.  We learnt a lot from that experience.

City families can adopt farmers in our co-operative for seasonal supply of organically grown produce.  Contact us to find out more.

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