Internship as a sustainable tourism manager in Maharashtra, India

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As part of our development project in organic farming, we are currently looking at opportunities to start up a small-scale sustainable tourism project in the tribal area to finance our work. This could be a great opportunity for someone interested in sustainable development issues from an integrated social, ecologic and economic perspective, as well as sensitive sustainable tourism and CSR issues, to try out their practical skills.

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We are therefore looking for somebody who can plan and manage the initial phases of the sustainable tourism operation. The project plan will be worked out in dialogue with the operators, but we expect the work to include following tasks:

Constant reflections over sustainability issues
* Taking part in the practically planning and design of the area, where tourism facilities are to be built
* Planning what experiences should be included in the tourism stay
* Helping to find financiers of the project
* Market the sustainable tourism operation in order to attract investors and visitors
* More!

Hence, we are looking for somebody who:

* Is willing to help us and run a project for at least 6 months
* Has knowledge about CSR and sustainable development issues in tourism from a social, ecologic and economic perspective
* Has managerial skills and is a structured worker who can set up and run his/her own project
* Can work independently but also in team
* Is aware of issues of sensitivity in local communities
* Is willing to work with marketing and networking
* Is creative, social, patient and flexible

Since we are taking our first but successful steps as a foundation the internship will be non-paid, but you are welcome to come with your own funding programme.  We can participate in your applying for grants or funding in support of this.

The farm is situated in a tribal area and we live in a nearby “traditional” pilgrim village. We aim during the next year to host visitors and volunteers in the farming area as the project is proceeding and we get our solar system installed.

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