Support green development careers

We are delighted to see young graduates wishing to pursue a career in a green developmental field.

We feel a future in technical understanding of organic farming & green rural developmental planning are essential for all our futures.

This year we have received four young people who show great promise for a future in Green Development.

In addition to technical skills, business skills and personal development skills; the candidate receives on the ground experience; incredibly valuable for any future careers.

We are seeking supporters to cover the costs of hosting each candidate.  The amount is Rs10,000/ month per person; of which Rs 6000 contributes towards their living and training costs, and Rs 4000 goes to them as a stipend.

Our four candidates are:

Deepa (India, 21 years old)

Deepa is currently studying with Clea Chandmal of Permaculture Ways, India in Goa as she takes on a one year internship at Saha Astitva. We are currently raising funds for her training and sustenance. Click here if you can help! Deepa says

“I graduated with an Engineer degree in Biotechnology. Wanting to learn all aspects of sustainability and use what I have learned from the university, brought me to Saha Astitva.”

Deepa’s proposal for farm internship

Dean (Canada, 20 years old)

Dean also begins a 1 year internship as trainee farm manager.  Dean is also at FOYTS Farm with Clea Chandmal being retrained in essential soil building skills.

Dean says:

“I have come to Saha Astitva to further my knowledge of permaculture farming, and Vedic farming practices. I will be undertaking a farm management internship and at the same time adopting a healthy lifestyle”.

Dean’s proposal for farm internship (pdf).


Multi-talented Durga (Canada, 24 years old) Durga has become part of Saha Astiva!  She joined in December and showed immediate flair for educating and entertaining on all things related to permaculture.  With an itch in her soles to discover the rest of India she left after two months to go and help Saha Astitva’s camp at the Kumbh for one month.  She is now continuing her journey in the north and preparing to return to Saha Astitva in monsoon. Durga would like to develop rural community education and on-site educational tours and programmes.

Durga writes “My long awaited trip to India (planned for 3 years prior to leaving North America) is about deepening my spiritual practice and learning the wisdom of Vedic farming. I will be continuing my seva, started some years ago at Neem Karoli Baba ashram in New Mexico”.  Her articles written for Saha Astitva can be viewed here.


Utsav (India, 23 years old) Utsav joined at the beginning of December. He can’t say how long he’ll be with us, but he’s a great addition to our team!  Utsav says:

“I love designing and engineering. I just finished my degree in Materials Engineering and here I am working on designing a solar dehydrator. It is a great learning and feeling to be using my skills for helping Saha Astitva and the tribal people. Apart from my main job I am also learning a lot about spiritual ecology”.  Utsav has designed and is currently building a solar collector for dehydration of herbs, nuts, fruits and vegetables.